Senior Pastor: At Boshoff

Founder of the Christian Revival Church (CRC). Author of Dreamstealers and Live a Yes Life. Senior National Executive Board member for the I.F.C.C. (International Federation of Christian Churches). A greatly sought-after speaker both in South Africa and Internationally and can be seen weekly on TBN, CTV and Rhema TV. The CRC in Bloemfontein claim that more than 500,000 people come through its doors – that is notable considering the city of Bloemfontein has a population of about 600,000 people.

Here are the 5 lessons we can all learn from Pastor At Boshoff.

Don’t live there anymore

We need to change our addresses. Not our physical addresses but our spiritual, heart and mental address. Moses has to depart from an address of failure. Elijah had to depart from an address of discouragement. Abraham had to depart from an address of wealth and material comfort. Paul had to depart from a place of hate and persecution. I give you all these Biblical names because in a sermon titled “I Don’t Live There Anymore” Pastor Boshoff highlights patriarchs in the Bible who had to change their “addresses” in order to fulfil their destiny. In order for one to fulfil the bright future we desire, there has to be an internal relocation as we cannot grow in the same place we are comfortable. Some people want the destination of their dreams without the necessary departure from that address. It could be an address of failure, discouragement or hate but without moving from those addresses and staying there nursing, cursing and rehearsing those set backs.  We shouldn’t linger in the same places (of fear, procrastination, anger, resentment, failure etc) spiritually and mentally and should allow the wonderful disruption of moving away from the past, habits, thoughts and emotions that hold us back.

Deliberate changes and decisions

After school Pastor At Boshoff enlisted in the South African Defense Force; where he completed a two year service 1982-1984. In case you need reminding, South Africa was an apartheid state and with freedom fighters in the midst of guerrilla warfare to change the status quo – oh and be rest assured the South African Defense Force at that time was an instrument of apartheid. At the age of twenty one he started a full-time career in Christian ministry and established a non-racial and multi-racial Church, before the end of apartheid. That tells me a lot about this man. I can only imagine the discouragement he faced but that did not stop him.  In his book Live A Yes Life he writes “At Boshoff who was raised a racist had to die to racism. At Boshoff who was bound by alcohol had to die to alcohol – not play with it, not tolerate it, not cover it up; but die to it.” That my friends is deliberate changes and decisions. You are not bound by your past lack of knowledge or past misunderstanding or past mistakes. Like Pastor Boshoff says, “you cannot embrace a new life and hold onto the old life.”

You + Company = accomplishments

The people we associate with and relationships we build and maintain undoubtedly are significant for several reasons. Most importantly those relations and associates around us will either take us up or bring us down and will either contribute to our progress or be the cause of our regress. You and I know and have seen that success is not a straight easy road. In fact its a mountain and the peak of that mountain is our destiny, dreams or success. No matter how strong, gifted or smart one is, one thing is for sure, no one person can scale to the top of mountain by the themselves, we need people with us –  like the Sherpa at the base of the Himalaya, their knowledge, expertise and assistance has helped many men and women reach the peak of Mt Everest. So really, how far we climb up our mountains and reach the peak is determined by who is with us. Hence Pastor Boshoff rightly reminds us “your company will determine your accomplishments.”

Less is more

When Pastor Boshoff starting his Ministry and preaching when he was 21, his sermons lasted for 90 mins and he had over 60 scriptures at hand – that’s 1hr 45 mins of just preaching! Now, there is nothing wrong with long sermons but even Pastor Boshoff came to the realisation that less is more and has said “if you can’t say what you have to say in 30 mins you have nothing of value to say.” Have you sat through a seemingly endless speech or presentation? You know how it feels, adopt this principle and don’t be the one who gives endless presentations. Speaking too long can cause the the audience to tune out and the value in your message to be lost. Also short sermons, presentations or speeches are often succinct and prevent information overload. Presenting to an audience is not just about showing how much you know, it’s about them gaining value and understanding, don’t lose their attention by going on and on and on and on and on and……..

Be anxious for nothing

In a world that is full of challenges, Pastor At challenges us to give it to God in prayer. Worrying won’t change anything, but when we give it to God, He can turn it around for our good. This is what Pastor At means when he says “Your prayers affect the Heaven dimension! When you pray, things are being orchestrated by God!” Pastor At also emphasises the importance of knowing we are in Christ as well as how much God loves us. When we have this revelation, we will inevitably rely more on our Heavenly Father more than earthly influences. “God guarantees us a future! You don’t have to worry, He is going to change things in your favour!” When we cast our burdens to God, He deals with it on our behalf. This is summed up when Pastor At says “One of the ways in which God deals with your anxiety is by restoring the joy in your life!”

You can connect and follow Pastor At Boshoff: on twitter @AtBoshoff

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