Winnie Mandela: Guiding Star & Shining Sun of Africa

Winnie Mandela, in my eyes, unquestionably one of Africa’s greatest leaders and heroes! However, what I found interesting was the difference of opinion on Mama Mandela’s legacy and a lot of questions around her legacy.

So on this episode I am joined by Olu, Noredine and Tshepiso for what I like to call an “African Round-table Discussion”. In this conversation we look at:

  • Was she right that her ex-husband Nelson Mandela got a bad deal for the black South Africans?
  • Did Mama Winnie leave a complicated legacy?
  • What is her legacy?
  • Did the patriarchal sexism of the A.N.C deny her the Presidency?

Discover all of that and much more on this episode below.



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